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Restoration of motor function

Stroke rehabilitation includes a well-known Bobat technique, which aims to reduce spasticity (excessive muscle tension) . This method is based on stretching the extensor muscles. The flexor muscles are particularly well stretched in the arms, whereas extensor muscles - in the legs. Stretching exercises are conducted as part of medical gymnastics. Other therapeutic methods are also used. There are also methods of proprioceptive neuromuscular simplification (PNF), and Vojta-therapy.

In addition to the main methods of treatment, botulinum toxin. can be used to treat a spastic increase in muscle tone. For example, Botox injection into the gastrocnemius muscle can lead to a persistent improvement in the position of the foot with a more accurate roll from the heel to the toe. This toxin causes chemical denervation of the muscle and its weakening. Within 3 months, the nerve fibers will grow again and the tension will increase.

Also, physiotherapy after a stroke is used in case of the decreased tone or to reduce spasticity. The thermoindifferent hydroelectric baths, vibromassage, electric bicycles have proved to be effective.

Recently, there has been actively used the so-called method of "imposed" classes, i.e. a regular repetition of exercises for the legs and arms. Thus, it becomes clear that it is necessary to solve specific tasks. The functions that need to be restored should be developed intensively.

If the arm is damaged or partially paralyzed, one can use the so-called induced restriction method. In this case, a healthy arm is fixed with splint. The patient tries to compensate the impaired functions of the paralyzed arm. This technique is very intensive for the patient and it takes a long time to perform. As a rule, it is not used in the first time after a stroke. It is most commonly used for chronic disorders.

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