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PNF-method of proprioceptive neuromuscular simplification

Proprioceptive neuromuscular simplification or PNF is the type of therapy based on the principles of functional human anatomy and neurophysiology. All muscles, joints, ligaments have proprioceptors that respond to stretching or contraction. Proprioceptors are peripheral elements of sensory organs. They located in muscles, ligaments, joints, and skin. They indicate that all these parts of the body work by producing muscle contractions and by changing position of the body in space. With the help of certain manipulations of these receptors, it is possible to stimulate, initiate and facilitate any movement. The PNF method includes series of exercises that help to stretch painful and tense muscles in the body.

Principle of the method

Incorrect posture or motor defects overload muscles which leads to pain, stress, and injuries. Most defects can be corrected by the PNF. Additional recommendations are given on how to exclude unnecessary strain on muscles and limbs during any physical activity. The PNF achieves this goal through a set of stretching exercises that the patient can practice in daily life.

The PNF is also used as a rehabilitation therapy to improve flexibility, strength and motion range of damaged muscles. It is also used to treat pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders caused by poor posture. This method allows the patient to perform movements that he/she for some reason can not do independently.

The PNF method is used in rehabilitation of patients after strokes, spinal cord and peripheral nerves injuries. It is also used in treatment of osteochondrosis, disc herniation and shoulder-scapular periarthrosis.


The PNF strengthens muscle strength, increases stamina and improves coordination of movement. It also promotes and corrects muscle imbalance. Correction of posture and motor problems leads to an improvement in the physical condition of the body.

PNF as a rehabilitation therapy can be used to eliminate chronic pain in the muscles and cure other diseases associated with incorrect posture, such as back and shoulder pain or restricted joint movement.

Since the PNF includes a series of stretching exercises, it is recommended that all appropriate precautions are followed. Before beginning the exercises, the patient should make sure that his/her body is sufficiently warmed up. This will help to avoid cramps and muscle trauma. To achieve the best results from exercises, their tempo and intensity should be increased gradually. Particular attention should be paid to stretching exercises, since incorrect positioning of the body when doing exercises can lead to the opposite effect.

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