Rehabilitation and treatment in Germany

Medicine exists everywhere, but
Medicine in Germany is the gold standard in the world!
Good medicine is everywhere, but

German medicine is a guarantee of:

  • accurate diagnosis of the disease at any stage,
  • advanced methods of treatment and rehabilitation,
  • state-of-the-art equipment,
  • treatment with effective drugs,
  • service provided by highly professional and the most experienced experts,
  • rapid arrangement of both rehabilitation and treatment,
  • high level of service,
  • careful and friendly staff,
  • the highest degree of medical responsibility for the patient.

In addition to that

  • German traditions,
  • features of the national character: famous scrupulousness and habit of strict order,
  • professional discipline,
  • climatic conditions.

Germany offers reliable, comfortable and affordable medicine.

A huge number of people from all over the world, including the United States, England and, of course, Russia annually come to Germany to undergo both rehabilitation and treatment. This has resulted in the need to create medical companies for coordinating the interaction of German clinics and foreign patients. One of the largest and most well-established is neuroreha project, within which the unit specializing in the work with Russian-speaking patients was created.

There are highly qualified Russian-speaking doctors with a long experience of work in the famous German hospitals and certified in Germany, which allows to provide rapid, close and high quality interaction with the leading German experts specializing in the corresponding disease.

In fact, it is the coordinating and supervising center that provides its patients with well-coordinated and highly professional assistance at all stages from the preparation of the primary documentation, confirmation of the preliminary diagnosis up to the development of the diagnostic and medical treatment program. The next step of neuroreha will be the arrangement of rehabilitation and treatment in both multidisciplinary university hospital and specialized clinics.


  • Qualified medical care from the leading German specialists in the shortest time and at the best prices.
  • Possibility of obtaining an urgent German visa.
  • Control and monitoring of medical bills, which guarantees a moderate cost of treatment.
  • Regarding the German clinics, it is an insurance organization that representes the interests of the foreign patient. The clinic cannot admit patients without the insurance. It can be possible only with a substantial prepayment.
  • Care of the patient during their entire hospital stay, solution of all everyday issues.
  • Doctors are a contact person for both specialists and management of the clinic for solving medical problems and information transfer.
  • is a home doctor for a foreign patient that coordinates therapeutic activities at both pre- and post-clinical level.

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