Vojta therapy

This method of reflexotherapy was developed by Professor Vaclav Vojta, a Czech neurologist, in the early 1950s. Vojta therapy helps people with impaired motor functions caused by various circumstances; to restore natural patterns of motion.

Dr. Wojta watched motor reactions resulting from a specific stimulation given at the time the patient was placed in a certain position. He found that such stimuli provoked the dynamic activity of the muscles involved in the process of movement. The complex of stimuli made it possible to activate the reflective models in the form in which they should manifest themselves in the normal physiological development of the motor skills.

ВThis therapy activates the muscles of the entire body and the nervous system sends pulses to all of its areas. In addition, it activates skeletal muscles, muscles involved in the facial expressions, eye movement, swallowing, bladder and intestinal muscles. Such a reaction of the body occurs as a result of exposure of certain parts of the body to graded pressure at the moment when the patient is placed in a specific position (e.g,lying on the back, side, abdomen). All these movements are part of the motor processes, such as grasping, crawling and walking.

The therapeutic goals of this method include::

  • control over the position of the body, automatic control of the balance while driving,
  • maintenance of the supporting function of the limbs,
  • stimulation of the coordinated muscular activity.

The main task of the technique is the formation of motor skills appropriate for the child's age. To this end, a creeping reflex and a turning reflex are used.

The general stimuli form the basis of motor rehabilitation for children, adolescents and adults. The stimulation of these areas normalizes the movement. When used at an early age, reflexotherapy yields better results because the central nervous system is most susceptible to various kinds of influences.

Reflexotherapy plays an important role in the rehabilitation period and leads to the improvement of quality of life in children and adults with motor disorders.

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