For Patients and Relatives

If you have decided to undergo rehabilitation and treatment in Germany, staff of will provide necessary assistance.

Where to start? Six steps to health:

Step 1.

You should send a request via:

Doctors of provide detailed response to your request and questions about rehabilitation and treatment.

Step 2.

You should send us copies of medical documents you have at your disposal: extracts from medical records, medical reports, results of examinations, as well as any relevant additional information.

Within the shortest time (2-3 days), doctors will:

  • Analyze received documents, confirm diagnosis
  • Determine the volume of necessary treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Develop rehabilitation and treatment program, depending on the stage of the disease and your wishes.
  • Calculate the cost of the program.
  • Provide you with sufficient information regarding selected German clinics and doctors.

Step 3.

You will receive a contract both in Russian and German.

The contract includes calculations nd invoice for the program you have selected. The staff of the company will agree with you on all items listed in the expenditures and fix all the essential conditions, as well as additional services in it.

Step 4.

You will sign both contract and calculations list and pay the bill.

The payment for the medical program should be made by bank transfer to a German bank account

Step 5.

You will receive an invitation to rehabilitation and treatment program.

The employees of will book a place in the clinic, provide visa support.

Step 6.

You will go to Germany to undergo rehabilitation and treatment.

The staff of will

  • Provide transfer and medical support, if necessary.
  • meet you at the airport and a qualified guide-interpreter will take care of you during the entire period of your stay in the country.

Providing highly professional medical and legal assistance, acts as an official guarantor and advocate for your interests in any unforeseen situations. In some cases, assistance in solving financial issues is possible as well.

Once rehabilitation and treatment are completed, the staff of will compile a report (usually within 3 weeks) on the rendered services, expenses in accordance with the act of performed works.

After you return to your homeland, the staff of will continue to monitor your recovery providing an opportunity for both distance and online consultations. is your home doctor!

If you cannot find an answer to your question on our website, it means that it is more individual and requires consultation with a specialist. The staff of are always ready to help and answer any of your questions.

Do you need help?

Do you need help?

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