The Bobat method

«The Bobat Method» was developed by Bertha Bobat who moved to the UK from Germany in the 1930s. She moved with her husband who was a neurologist and psychiatrist. Bertha Bobat specialized in neurological disorders. Later on, she created a rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy. At the time, it was believed that people who suffered a stroke were no longer able to restore their movement skills. The damage was considered irreversible.

The revolutionary ideas of Bertha Bobat proved the opposite. Her studies showed that the body functions as a unit. She proved that motor problems in cerebral palsy arise as a result of damage to the central nervous system. As a result, walking skills can be restored by treating hand dysfunction etc.

Physiotherapists currently use this method, as it allows to improve motor skills in people with neurological problems. This method can be used during rehabilitation of patients after a stroke.


The main idea of this approach is to practice special body positions that allow the physiotherapist to stimulate a movement by stretching the patient`s short muscles, mobilizing or moving their joints and strengthening weak muscles. This allows the doctors to reduce the imbalance of the patient`s body. It is especially difficult for people with disabilities to master new movements. Physiotherapists provide various kinds of support and thus make it possible for patients to master new movements and practice the established ones in a secure environment.

These techniques allow the patient to save energy when moving, reduce fatigue and tension. The goal of restorative treatment is to stimulate normal motor development and prevent the contractures and development of deformities.

During therapy, doctors try to ensure active work involving as many body parts as possible by practicing the already formed movements and expanding new motor skills. If one part of the body is out of balance, physiotherapists try to balance all parts of the body so that they function properly together.

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