Hydrotherapy is a set of water exercises done for curative and preventive purposes. The patient does not need to know how to swim to benefit from this procedure. The pool has shallow areas which enables the patients to perform exercises within the required depth. Special floating devices are used during this procedure. One physiotherapist is present in the water and the other one standing at the pool's border- is a prerequisite for this therapy.

Curative qualities of the water have been known for thousands of years. They are described in detail in ancient literature. Hydrotherapy is especially useful for people with physical disabilities, because being in the water allows them to increase their range of motion.

Hydrotherapy is not only a method of treatment, but it is also a great way to relax. Warm water relaxes strenuous muscles and alleviates joint stiffness. The treatment program can vary depending on the patient's condition. In general doctors favour hydrotherapy as it increases swimming skills, resistance and turbulence. All this helps to relieve pain, relax and become more flexibility. This improves overall stamina and well-being.

The treatment course usually consists of a series of exercises performed in therapeutic swimming pools. They include intermediate stretching, relaxation and strengthening of muscles. This therapy used with other methods of neurorehabilitation can boost the recovery in the rehabilitation of patients, for example, after a stroke.


Hydrotherapy is prescribed as treatment of various diseases in rehabilitation. Water procedures help to restore many functions that could have been hindered in such cases as:

Neurological diseases


  • osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • juvenile arthritis
  • ankylosing spondylitis

Pain in the back, neck , chest area

  • chronic pain in the lower back and neck area
  • lumbosacral radiculitis

musculoskeletal injuries

  • sport injuries
  • muscular/joint traumas or fractures

learning difficulties

  • delay in development
  • dyspraxia

postoperative rehabilitation

  • arthroplasty of the hip and knee joints
  • plastic surgery of anterior cruciate ligament
  • splits, fractures

Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • after a heart attack
  • after a heart surgery


The uniqueness of this therapy lies in the fact that it contributes to the restoration of mobility. Qualities of water (the principle of swimming capacity, pressure and temperature), help people to perform those motor exercises in the swimming pool that they could not perform on land. After having successfully performed the exercises (walking or running) in the water, a person will be able to repeat them outside the pool as well. The ability or desire to swim plays a crucial role, because it eliminates the patient's fear of falling down. As a result, the body relaxes.

Dynamic exercises including exercise involving water resistance also improve muscle strength, balance and coordination. The technique is used for restoration of patients after surgery or trauma when they are forbidden from lifting heavy objects. Rehabilitation is performed by increasing the range of motion and maintaining muscle strength.

In addition to the above mentioned, hydrotherapy contributes to::

  • increase of mobility
  • reduction of pain and muscle contraction
  • stimulation of blood circulation
  • joint flexibility
  • strengthening of weak muscles
  • physical fitness
  • improvement of balance
  • improvement of coordination
  • improvement of posture
  • increase of self-confidence

Hydrotherapy is an effective treatment method for children with neurological and orthopedic conditions. Children enjoy and do not fear this procedure. Additionally, this therapy gives them the freedom of movement in specially equipped swimming pools.

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