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Craniosacral therapy in neurorehabilitation

Craniosacral therapy (CPT) is a method whereby current of cerebrospinal fluid is affected by a fine manual impact. Cerebrospinal fluid surrounds the organs of the central nervous system, and ensures metabolic processes. Flow of this fluid is necessary for proper functioning of the central nervous system. The CPT gently affects the body of a person, therefore contributing to its deep relaxation. In some cases, therapy can give a truly stunning result - up to the full recovery of deep brain injuries.

The craniosacral system of a person, as well as the cardiovascular system, has its own rhythm. This rhythm determines the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid. An experienced doctor can find this rhythm by gentle palpation and determine the areas where flow of cerebrospinal fluid is disrupted.

Once such area is identified, it is gently affected by the therapy so that the natural current is restored and self-healing process is accelerated. This technique usually seems to be very simple on the surface. The CPT can be practiced simultaneously with other auxiliary methods to activate self-healing processes even more.

Treatment procedure

During the procedure, the patient is lying on his back on a special table. The therapist determines the state of the craniosacral system by probing certain signal points on the ankles, head, neck, back. After detecting disruptions, therapy begins.

The therapist gently applies pressure on certain parts of the body. In some cases, movement of the limbs is required as well. There are many techniques how to influence the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. Depending on the patient's condition, the optimal one is selected. The CPT session lasts about an hour.

Area of application in treatment and rehabilitation

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