Cerebral Palsy: Treatment and Rehabilitation of Children in Germany

. organizes rehabilitation of children and adolescents with various diseases of the nervous system, including

The main tasks of the children's rehabilitation programs developed by are:

  • To encourage an independent daily routine for the child,
  • Integrate the child into society in a surrounding of regular peers.

With cerebral palsy, an important role is assigned to the timely treatment, as well as to the subsequent systematic, planned comprehensive rehabilitation.

Features of Neurorehabilitation in Germany:

The system of treating cerebral palsy in Germany is the best in the world. This system combines the most advanced medical, surgical, orthopedic and rehabilitative treatments. German clinics have developed and implemented a special comprehensive technique aimed at the effective correction of musculoskeletal dysfunction with the limited use of drug therapy and a wide range of physiotherapeutic procedures (including reflexotherapy, acupuncture, manual therapy, etc.). This method is called synergetic reflexotherapy, since the simultaneous use of several techniques results in the phenomenon of mutual enhancement of their therapeutic effect.

Synergetic reflexotherapy has proved itself at any age and for any degree of severity. According to the research results, this method is effective in 91% of cases and it is possible to restore or significantly improve the range of movements by almost 65%. Children learn to speak, write, read, draw and sculpt. A significant improvement in motor function contributes to the fact that most patients no longer need to perform operations on large joints. Synergetic reflexotherapy combined with the achievements of neurological orthopedics guarantees the most positive results of rehabilitation with a persistent therapeutic effect and long-term remission.

детская нейрореабилитацияGerman doctors try to minimize the use of medication that stimulates brain activity, if possible. They believe that drug therapy has a short-term medical effect and is associated with a large number of future complications. Also, physiotherapy is strictly and individually prescribed. Heat and electrotherapy are prescribed for the patients in a highly differentiated manner, given the fact that any effect of a modulated electric current on the body can cause an inadequate response. Within the framework of physiotherapy, there are used such popular methods as Bobat’s methodology and the Vojta technique.

The patients are provided with qualified assistance in the selection of wheelchairs or their "fit" to the patient, if necessary, with carefully selected orthopedic prostheses as well. Sports therapy, the load of which is calculated with strict consideration of the patient’s capabilities, is also taken into account. Balneotherapy (mineral baths, medical pools, hydromassages) forms a large part of therapeutic activities. The rehabilitation, especially in case of increased muscle tone, cannot be done without manual therapy. All kinds of massages are used as well.

Doctors’ efforts are aimed not only at improving the physical condition, but also at social rehabilitation. Thus, occupational therapy helps to restore or develop basic skills inherent for a healthy person: to take care of yourself independently, prepare meals, perform household duties, etc. Also, musical therapy (singing, rhythmic acoustic stimulation), classes with a speech therapist, neuropsychological trainings are often used.

реабилитация при церебральном параличеGerman rehabilitation therapists have developed a unique concept of garden therapy. The parks in clinics are not just a recreational space, but an important component of the rehabilitation program, since contact with nature is beneficial to both the physical and the mental state of a person. When staying in the garden, the patients can find a place for rest and solitude. The park also serves as an outdoor gym: patients are given special shoes for walking around the park, which has many different steps, slopes and ground coverings (sand, gravel, grass, wood, etc.). The game rehabilitation of children in the garden involves natural attractions, such as trees, behind which you can hide, caves, hills. Particular attention is paid to an adequate healthy nutrition based on the current and well informed diet therapy.

The main thing is not to miss the favorable time when it is possible to restore most impaired functions.


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