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Development of the traumatic brain injury

Road traffic accidents, falls and sports-related injuries become the main causes of TBI. The brain is hugely vulnerable despite being enclosed in a secure shell of the skull.

Causes of traumatic brain injuries

Over the years, scientists have been studying the impact of a blow and the degree of brain injury. Professional boxers often suffer serious brain injury. The strength of a boxer's strike is equal to the force of a bowling ball hit weighting about 6 kilograms, thrown at a speed of 32 kilometers per hour. Footballers and riders are also at risk, despite the presence of helmets. Woodpeckers, for example, chop wood with great force, but this does not cause them damage to the brain. The reason is that they keep the head in one plane with the body, the head does not rotate in the "yes-no" position during the knocking. If there was an opportunity to fix a person's head in the same plane with the body during an accident, it would help to avoid a number of brain injuries.

Onset of TBI

Images show concussion and consequence caused by the primary impact and secondary impact at the point opposite from the shock (damage from the shock)..

Brain injuries are manifested in two ways. The first type are bruises on the cortex of the brain. This occurs as a result of hitting the head against a solid object or when a hard object is hit on the head. The second case is the sudden acceleration or braking of the head, for example, at the moment of an accident, leads to tension and rupture of axons. This phenomenon in medicine is called diffuse axonal brain damage (DAD).

If we talk about cerebral contusions, as a rule, the surface of the frontal and temporal lobes suffers. Diffuse axonal damage occurs more toward the center of the brain, where the axons are subjected to maximum stretching.

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