Rehabilitation of TBI patients

Each patient has a different rehabilitation period. It depends on the type of the injury and the degree of brain damage. All necessary procedures are prescribed to each patient individually. The goal of rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury is to restore as many lost brain functions as possible. The program includes therapy that aims to restore vital functions, namely speech and movement. In addition, the specialists help patients to overcome complications caused by incurable traumas, as well as develop certain methods, which can compensate lost abilities developed due to the improper functioning of the CNS.


Intensive care

When the patient's condition stabilizes after hospitalization, he is given an intensive care course. This course involves undergoing a series of procedures with specialists from different areas.

Intensive care includes:

  • Physiotherapy to help restore muscle strength, flexibility, regain physical endurance, coordination of movement and balance.
  • Restoration of work capacity helps to recover the skills needed in everyday life like eating, swallowing, bathing, dressing, doing other household tasks.
  • Speech therapy helps the patient express their thoughts, as well as understand the speech of others.
  • Social therapy conducted in classes help to increase self-esteem, motor, cognitive skills.
  • Psychological therapy. Doctors help to cope with emotions, feelings, complexes.

Sparing care

Sparing care is a less intensive level. Patients undergo a course of therapy for an extended period. Most patients who are assigned to this course were able to partially restore some of the functions during intensive care, but not all. More often this kind of therapy is used in nursing homes and when helping people with disabilities.

Ambulatory (Outpatient) Rehabilitation

Doctors prescribe this kind of therapy for those who have already passed the initial stages of neurorehabilitation and have almost returned to the usual way of life, but require little treatment in certain areas. Each patient is prescribed an individual rehabilitation plan to significantly improve the results achieved during the intensive course.

Social therapy

One of the components of the rehabilitation program is a special course aimed at returning patients to work, study or their daily lifestyle after surviving the TBI.

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