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The Castillo-Morales Method

This technique is based on a neurological therapeutic concept. It is used for the treatment of children and adults with communicative, sensory-motor and orofacial disorders.

Rodolfo Castillo Morales grew up in Argentina. He was influenced by ancient medical traditions, lifestyle and principles of fundamental respect for life. As a result of that, he decided to link his life to medicine. In 1968, he graduated in the field of rehabilitation in Madrid. For over 30 years, he has been running a rehabilitation center for children and adults in Cordoba (Argentina).

During his career, Castillo Morales developed and perfected a therapeutic technique which treats sensory-motor and orofacial disruptions. As a result of his research, the following treatment methods were introduced:

  • neuromotor therapy
  • orofacial therapy

Since 1997, these two treatment methods have been combined and applied as a whole unit.

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