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Sensory Integration by Aires

Dysfunction of sensory integration (SI) is a neurological disorder caused by the inability of the brain to process information from the body's main sensory systems. These systems are responsible for vision (sight), perception of sounds (hearing), smells (sense of smell), taste (sense of touch), temperature, perception of pain, body position and movements.

SI is vital for integrated learning and adequate behavior. Most children have natural processes of sensory integration. But in some cases, there could be an operational malfunction of these systems.

Sensory Integration by Aires, was developed by Anna Jean-Ayres, a researcher and psychologist from California, who helped to reduce the dysfunction of SI by applying various methods of stimulation. Sensory Integration by Aires includes soft contacts with various sensory stimulators. The goal of this therapy is to strengthen, balance and develop sensory stimulators of the central nervous system.

Classes on this technique differ by their unique and friendly approach. Role-play situations are created, in which various tools and devices are used. The teacher gives the child a chance to choose the game on his/her own. This helps to develop potential of the child and let it flourish if it had been latent before. After a while the child chooses another, more complex game, which gives him new challenges. Achieving success in such a natural way helps the child to gradually develop.

Before beginning the therapy, a preliminary evaluation of the child's development is required. Knowing the level of development of a child helps the expert to select appropriate games. Tools and devices are very important here: gliders made of various materials, huge balls, hula-hoop circles, hedges, large mirrors, nets and so on.

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