Basal Stimulation

The method of basal stimulation includes rehabilitation procedures that are used for treating various severe motor disorders. It is also used in treatment of defects of a complex structure. This method helps children, adolescents and adults who perceive the outside world only through their bodies. Therapy stimulates their own perception of the body by supporting their personal development and helps them to orient in space and time.

Patients with a complex defect need to undergo rehabilitation therapy which needs to be conducted considering their real needs, communication skills and marital status. The purpose of this therapy is to stimulate the development of certain skills that will further improve the quality of person`s life. Basal therapy creates a sense of confidence and security, and also promotes the formation of relationship between a human and environment..

World perception by patients with multiple disabilities is very limited and it is primarily focused on physical contact, through which feelings and experiences are expressed. Basal stimulation can compensate the lack of experience and inability to move like other people. In addition, such stimulation helps the disabled child to perceive himself as part of the social environment, which enables the child to communicate with others.

Through simple sensory exercises, disabled people manage to find their true self and become the masters of their body. Previous knowledge allows to conduct elementary education of the child. The main purpose of basal stimulation is to stimulate and support individual learning processes. This stimulation presupposes a person-oriented transmission of information about their "self”, other people and the world around them. Such therapy helps to reduce the number of fears and complexes to a minimum and create more comprehensive image of the world for people with disabilities.

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