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Lymphatic drainage massage

The diseases affecting the brain and spinal cord almost always cause damage to the lymphatic system. In any case, the patient's low mobility in the first days of rehabilitation and a severe stress, which inevitably accompanies the disease, leads to a slow lymph flow and, consequently, to a deterioration of the person's health.

The dysfunction of the lymphatic system results in the excessive accumulation of interstitial fluid and its leakage into the tissues, which causes displacement of the blood vessels and, consequently, insufficient supply of microelements and oxygen to the cells of the body. At the same time, the accumulated liquid overloads the lymph nodes, which leads to the clogging up of toxins and end products of vital activities.

This disorder causes the following complications:

  • Chronic fatigues;
  • Restless sleep;
  • Frequent headaches;
  • Weak immunity;
  • Swelling;
  • Cellulitis;
  • Poor skin condition.

Lymph drainage massage is used to eliminate these disorders. It is an effective procedure aimed at improving the metabolic processes that occur between the cells and the interstitial fluid. It also accelerates the excretion of impurities from the body.

During the procedure, the masseur gently presses on the patient's skin making delicate circular movements, which breaks through the blockade of the vessels and bringing the lymph to the lymph nodes where the fluid is filtered. Then it returns back to the bloodstream through the lymphatic ducts and thus a person can restore a normal circulation of the interstitial fluid. There is also a technique for performing lymphatic drainage massage with a special device - mechanical lymphatic drainage.

The procedure results in an overall improvement in skin nutrition, activation of lymph and blood flow. An important element is also the relaxation effect and an overall improvement in the patient's emotional state.


It takes at least an hour to perform manual lymphatic drainage. First the masseur relieves muscle tension and cramps, both in the depths of the tissues and on the surface - near the skin. Then the masseur stimulates the lymph flow with soft wave-like movements, which are directed from the bottom up. During this part of the massage the patient often falls asleep, which has a beneficial effect on their mental state. It is also very important in rehabilitation.

It is important to ensure that the patient does not experience any pain during the massage or otherwise the effect of the procedure will be largely ineffective. The procedure affects the neuroreceptors that go to the smooth muscles from the skin and up to the lymphatic capillaries. The effect of a deep lymphatic drainage massage is concentrated on the areas of projection of the main human lymph nodes, namely popliteal and inguinal ones.

In any case, when performing the massage, the specialist takes into account the patient's condition and the speed of a normal lymph flow. If there are no contraindications, the doctor may prescribe a hardware lymphatic drainage. In this case, the patient is wearing special boots, sleeves or a belt supplied with compressed air. A variable pressure exerted on different parts of the body provides the necessary massage effect and stimulates the lymph flow.

Also, lymphatic drainage massage can be performed with a vacuum. In this case, the special tubes go through the lymphatic drainage pathways. This scheme can significantly increase the flow of blood to the tissues, improve lymph circulation and muscle tone, open up the capillaries that did not function before and increase the transcapillary exchange.

In addition to the use of lymphatic drainage massage within the framework of a general course of neurorehabilitation, it can be applied as a preventive measure necessary to maintain normal metabolism in healthy people. The lymph drainage massage improves nutrition of the tissues, relieves the inflammatory processes and edema, as well as eliminates the excessive interstitial liquid. All this in a complex has a powerful overall health-improving effect.

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