Prognosis for brain tumors

Prognosis (is a chance for recovery) and treatment options of primary brain tumors depend on the following prognostic markers:

  • Type and grade of tumor.
  • Availability for the surgical removal.
  • Remaining cancerous cells after the surgery or their absence.
  • Certain possible chromosomal changes.
  • Primary or metastatic (secondary) cancer.
  • Patient’s general state of health.

Prognosis and treatment options of metastatic brain tumors depend on the following prognostic markers:

  • Patient is younger than 60 years old.
  • Multiple tumor foci (more than 2).
  • Location (brain or spinal cord).
  • Tumor’s response to the treatment.
  • Primary tumor keeps on growing and metastasizing.
  • Prognosis is better for the brain metastases from mammary gland cancer if compared to other primary cancers.
  • Prognosis is worse if brain tumor is metastases from colon cancer.

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