Darsonvalization is a therapeutic procedure that uses AC high voltage carried through a gas-filled glass electrode. Impulse sinusoidal currents of high frequency (from 110 to 400 kHz) and voltage (~ 20 kV) are used during the procedure. They have very low power (within 100-200 mA).

The method of darsonvalization was named after the French physiologist d'Arsonval. The device used to perform this procedure is called Darsonval as well. Today, darsonvalization is effectively used in cosmetology, dermatology, surgery, gynecology, urology, treatment of internal diseases, neuropathology and, of course, in neurorehabilitation.

During the recovery of patients after a stroke, the use of the Darsonval apparatus can improve blood circulation, activate biochemical metabolic processes in the skin and under it, enhance tissue nutrition and oxygen supply, reduce the threshold of sensitivity of pain receptor and provide an analgesic effect. Please note that darsonvalization has contraindications for stroke patients and can be applied only at a certain stage of recovery within comprehensive rehabilitation program.

The regular sessions of darsonvalization can significantly improve the function of the central nervous system, namely normalize sleep, improve working capacity, improve the tone of blood vessels, eliminate pain in the head, reduce fatigue. Also, this procedure has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the immune system.

The main operating factors, on which the Darsonval apparatus is based, include:

  • High-frequency current;
  • High-voltage corona discharge;
  • Heat discharged in the tissues of the body, especially in the corona discharge zone;
  • Small amounts of nitrogen oxides and ozone;
  • Weak ultraviolet radiation generated by corona discharge;
  • Oscillatory effect (weak mechanical oscillations in tissues with a supertonic frequency).

Darsonvalization can be general and local:

Local darsonvalization

The technique is based on bringing a high voltage to the patient's skin through a vacuum electrode. The air inside this electrode is either completely pumped out or diluted. A low voltage, which causes ionization of air, contributes to the development of a quiet electric discharge, which is widely used in the contact technique of exposure. Once voltage has increased, there develops a secondary independent ionization of air accompanied by the formation of a spark discharge, which is used as a remote method of exposure (pustules, vessel moxibustion, lifting technique).

In addition to the use of local darsonvalization in the rehabilitation of stroke patients, it can also be used in auditory nerve neuritis, neuralgia, headaches, myalgia, vaginismus, skin itching, varicose veins of the lower leg, obliterating vascular diseases, first and second degree frostbites, non-healing ulcers and wounds.

The response to this kind of exposure to high-frequency current in local darsonvalization can be either segmental or local. A short-term spastic narrowing of the vessels is replaced by an expansion of their lumen, the circulation of the lymph and blood is improved, the phenomenon of venous stasis is decreased, the inflammatory foci become resolved, blood flow in the tissues is improved, which is accompanied by an increase in the amount of oxygen in the skin. A silent discharge (and, to a greater extent, a spark one) exerts a bactericidal effect.

The sensitivity of the peripheral nerve receptors is suppressed, which is accompanied by the concomitant blockade of nerve impulses in the central nervous system, which, apparently, occurs due to the influence that high-frequency current exerts on the nerve endings. The function of the sebaceous and sweat glands is decreased. One hour later after the procedure, a person can experience hyperemia and leukocyte infiltration with moderate edema of the dermis that disappears in a day.

General darsonvalization

In this case, patient takes a lying or sitting position and then is placed in the so-called "cell of D'Arsonval", which is a powerful coil of the oscillatory circuit. This procedure can significantly slow blood clotting, normalize the tone of the vessels of the brain, lower arterial pressure, eliminate fatigue and headaches, improve sleep and increase efficiency, beneficially affect the functions of the central nervous system, as well as the circulation of capillaries, veins and arteries. In addition, the use of the D'Arsonval apparatus contributes to the removal of spasms in blood vessels and an increase in the overall immunity of the body.

The main operating factors of general darsonvalization are vortex high-frequency currents directed at the patient’s superficial tissues according to the law of electromagnetic induction.

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