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The stimulation method of arms muscle tone

Functional Tone Management uses a special orthopedic device that helps patients to grasp and release objects with their fingers. The device is used during the initial stage of rehabilitation, when the patient can hardly move his wrist or fingers and is not able to start a more intensive recovery program. This technique is used during the initial phase as it does does not require movements of the shoulder and elbow joints.


The indication for this technique is motor function disruption of the hand and fingers which developed after craniocerebral injuries, stroke or other neurological diseases. The method can be started long after the initial damage. For example, it was possible to restore the movement of fingers in patients after 10-20 years of having suffered a stroke. Before the rehabilitation they could not move their fingers at all.

The Saebo-Flex device

The stimulation method of arms muscle toneFunctional Tone Management for the wrist is an orthopedic system, which helps patients to clench and unclench their fingers . The device operates without electrical energy. It also does not require movements by the elbow and shoulder joints. The device is completely mechanical as it uses springs and levers. The device received necessary certification and was approved by the Ministries of Health in Germany, the United States and other countries.

Saebo-Flex device involves doing exercises for an hour several times per week. During the practice session, the patient repeatedly performs simple actions, which, as a rule, involve grasping and releasing the rubber ball. Each motion is repeated several hundred times. The device allows the patient to get quick results - after a few weeks of training most patients regain control over the movements of the fingers of the hand.

Although Functional Tone Management helps a lot of patients with prolonged dysfunction, still, its main task is to prevent the loss of movement of the fingers, which occurs mainly when the patient stops using the damaged wrist. The technique is therefore designed to help patients at an early stage of rehabilitation so that they acquire the necessary level of control for more intensive rehabilitation programs.

The use of of the Saebo-Flex for the rehabilitation of patients after stroke has been actively developing since 2005 and now there are specialists of this technique available in all major neurorehabilitation centers in the US, Germany and other countries.

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