Vibrating massage

Vibrating massage helps to lower the risk of nosocomial pulmonary infection, increase the intensity of blood circulation and, on the whole, accelerate the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a stroke.

Vibrating massage can be performed according to the stable or instable (brittle, motile) principle. A vibrator is located at the same spot during certain period of time (from 3 seconds to several minutes) while performing stable massage. A vibrator is constantly moving while performing instable massage, mainly in direction of lymphatic flow. The device doesn’t leave the skin while performing an instable massage.

The following types of techniques are applied during the vibrating massage:

  • Rectilinear. All movements by the device are performed strictly in a direct line on the area exposed to massage, mainly – in the direction of the lymphatic flow. In this case the pressure applied by the doctor to the vibrator is minimal. Vibrations spread onto the skin covering and subcutaneous tissues (technical imitation of "stroking”);
  • Zigzagging. In addition to the actions described in the previous section, a doctor also does handshakes, moving the vibrator from side to side;
  • Spiral-shaped. Medium pressure is applied to the vibrator (the vibrations in this case affect not only the skin but also the muscles - it is a technical imitation of the manual reception of "grinding"). High pressure can be applied as well (vibrations penetrate through all tissues right up to the bone - technical imitation of manual reception of "kneading ");
  • Circular. As a rule, this is applied in either particular local area to eliminate muscle hyper tonus;
  • Linear (dashed). A doctor performs 2-3 movements back and forth with the vibrator;
  • Transverse. Movements of this kind are done when massaging areas of large volume like back surface of the lower extremities, back.

Vibrating massage is done either daily with a one day interval or as 2-3 day sessions and then one day break. The best time of the impact at the target area varies from three to five minutes. General amount of vibrating massage sessions is prescribed individually and directly depends on the overall state of patient’s body after having suffered a stroke as well as on the reaction to the vibrations (usually, 10-15 sessions are required).

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