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Restoring communication functions

A language disorder (aphasia) and impairment of the human speech apparatus (dysarthria or dysarthrophonia) are the main focus of speech therapists, but even with such injuries it is necessary to perform a differentiated examination to correctly prescribe the appropriate treatment. When the patient has impaired speech, they know what they want to say, but cannot express the thought in words and instead distorts words, sentences, sometimes even the ability to understand can be lost. Dysarthria is characterized by a difficulty in the pronunciation of words, they sound blurry and in the worst case another person cannot understand them.

In speech disorders, various language forms should be assessed, such as speech, listening, reading, writing. Depending on the stage (acute, subacute, chronic), specialist select clinical procedures. Along with the language disorders, and, consequently, disorders in the communicative and psycho-social sphere, both diagnostics and treatment should take into account other possibilities that enable a person to feel free in his/her daily life routine.

The therapeutic measures aim to restore the patient's communication capabilities as much as possible, while in case of chronic disorders; these aim to minimize the consequences of the disease related to the activities at home and at work.

To achieve better success in the treatment and overcoming difficulties in one’s daily life, the patient requires intense training and, if necessary, involvement of the loved ones for making an act of communication.

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